Peter Westenberg is a Brussels based multidisciplinary artist and autonomous designer working in the field of technology related public art and design. His short films, walks, photography and participatory projects investigate urban iconography, vernacular architecture and social routines. He is core member of Constant, association for Arts and Media in Brussels, developing collective artistic research on the intersection of art and technology. He enthusiastically uses free software and his work is distributed under open content licenses.

This site is updated well … once every so many months (at best), it presents a choice of my work, definitely not everything is here.

At the moment, much of my creative work happens within the context of Constant, a Brussels based non-profit association for art and media. Constant is active in the fields of art, cyber-feminism, copyright alternatives, open source and digital networks.

You can contact me at info at videomagazijn dot org

Feel free to share the content of this site respecting the terms of the Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial-Share Alike 3.0 Belgium License.

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Peter Westenberg