This site brings together some of my videos and short films, installations, websites, multiples, urban interventions, participatory works and other stuff I am working on. It is updated well … once every so many months, and it presents a choice of my work, definitely not everything is here.

Working both in the field of digital media and in public art, I am interested in contributing to enlarging the notion of public domain and feel that artists have a role to play in stimulating a culture that is generous and permissive towards reuse.

At the moment, much of my creative work happens within the context of Constant, a Brussels based non-profit association for art and media. Constant is active in the fields of art, cyber-feminism, copyright alternatives, open source and digital networks.

If you’re curious for current information on what I am working on check the RSS feeds at the bottom of the homepage
You can contact me at info at videomagazijn dot org

Feel free to share the content of this site respecting the terms of the Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial-Share Alike 3.0 Belgium License.

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Peter Westenberg