Routes + Routines


Routes and Routines, brochure, 54 pages, Hasselt, 2008

A joint publication by Constant vzw and Z33
Texts by: Peter Westenberg, Liesbeth Huybrechts, Wendy van Wynsberghe
Graphic design: OSP, Ludivine Loiseau and Yi Jiang

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This booklet documents five network walks as a part of the Routes and Routines roject Peter Westenberg developed for the exhibition Place@space in art center Z33. The walks were organised between March 13 and May 17 2008 and traversed the urban environment in all its complexity. Through streets, the public domain, the internet, radio waves, semi-public territories, legal space, fantasies, historical footprints and technological connections, the walkers explored the boundaries of the public nature of the city.