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Wandelen met Krispijn


Walking with Crispin,
2005, Commissioned by Center for Visual Arts Dordrecht, in collaboration with Wapke Feenstra.

Three adventurous nightly walks along special places in the neighborhood Krispijn in Dordrecht, Netherlands.
We will all die, The stage for many comedies and A holy shoemaker with an afro disclose hidden histories, myths and fictions around the different significations of the notion Krispijn.

Around 1650 Krispijn van Outgaerden lived in the area where the neighborhood is build. This farmers first name is derived from ‘Crispus’, meaning curly head in Latin. Saint Crispin is the saint of shoe makers and a Krispijn is a type of 18th century comedian popular in Dutch plays: a cunning sly brutal servant who enters the house of the love of his master in disguise.

The stories, memories and poems that were evoked by the walks were assembled on the website Stories of Dordrecht (Verhalen van Dordrecht).

The full information about this project, including audiofiles, images and program brochures can be found on the Wandelen met Krispijn project website. This website is Dutch only.