Bij ons in de Familie / Family affairs

DV / 35 minutes / 2002 / stereo / dutch spoken, in collaboration with Kirsten Leenaars

In this documentary neighbours living in the same flat building in the city of Vlaardingen, Holland, show their photo albums, talk about pictures of their family members, and how they ended up living in Vlaardingen.

For some of them this has been a deliberate choice, especially after the second world war there were jobs and opportunities here. In more recent years the city places refugees, students and people with low incomes in this block, which sometimes lead to uncomfortable situations between people living next door from each other. But whether they are revolutionary Syrian Kurd, retired Rotterdam shoe dealer or feminist ex-hippy, all of them have images of friends family and loved ones that they warmheartedly discuss.

This collaborative video was shot during the project Uit+Thuis Video magazijn (Home+Away video stock), a public video workplace that I ran between 2001 and 2004.