Modular Hangout

Mobile installation, each module 240 x 120 x 200, 2011

The work consists of a modular construction serving as a mobile hangout place for youngsters in Overpelt. The wooden structures are set on wheels and can be moved around the city. They can be put together in such a way that they create a stage, a cabin, a shelter. The outsides are covered with mirrors, the inside is sprayed with graffiti.
A group of 15 teenagers actively participated in shaping the work. The resulting structures serve as a tool with which they can demonstrate their need for a more permanent place in the city that allows them to gather and meet.

A collaboration with industrial designer Mathieu Gabiot for Future Formers, a project of Eeland in Genk.

Teenagers worked together in the construction and painting of the modules.
See more images of the creation process and how the structure is used.

Why wait with having fun until everything is ready?

Some examples of the variety of forms the construction can take when put together in different ways: