The video STARE consists entirely of footage that was captured from wireless surveillance camera’s in Brussels. Made in 2010, in collaboration with the Human Rights League (LDH)

The speaker in voice over is lawyer Franck Dumortier (CRID Namur), who is specialised in intellectual property and privacy issues.

The initial idea of the video was to produce a visual document that would embed the debate about privacy sensitive images in existing situations. Often legal discourse is fed with imaginations of how technology works in the public realm. In reality available equipment and urban surroundings put constraints on how laws can be put into practice.

During a talk that Franck made on the occasion of the 2010 thematic week ‘Technologie mon amour’ that was organised by the LDH, he explained the legal framework that surrounds camera surveillance as it is written in the Belgian ‘surveillance camera law’. The actual images of the video were the core material on which his story is based. Later we edited this video that combines his lecture with the footage.

In the framework of the project, we organised walks in which technical and legal aspects involved in showing and capturing privacy sensitive visual material in public space were discussed. This small news item that apeared on La Une explains well some of the aims and methods used. (French only)

A television news item was broadcasted by the popular program ‘Flanders today / Vlaanderen Vandaag’ on the channel VT4 in which some of the aims and methods of the walk are explained. (See video here, Dutch only)

Here’s another one, that apeared on VTM (Vlaanderen Vandaag) (Dutch only)

STARE (burned in English subtitles) can be downloaded here:

Or you can download a French spoken version with separate subtitle file here:
ENG .srt file +
NLD .srt file +
.ogv video file