Sanary Parade

Sanary parade is an installation with photo-collages that are based on unsold photographs that were taken in the 60s by a street photographer who worked in Sanary-Sur-Mer on the Mediterranean coast in France.

The photographs are superimposed and stitched together on shared landmarks that feature in the background; the harbour, the theater square, the city center. This way specific places in Sanary are reconstructed. In the foreground a parade appears of superimposed people who have occupied the same space at various points in time. Their common context creates similarities in terms of body language, attitude and dress code. A visual probing of collective habits of strolling on one’s own along the harbor.

The project was made on invitation of the Service de la Culture city of Sanary-sur-mer, and produced during residencies spring and summer of 2017. Sanary Parade was exhibited in Galerie Berthélemy-de-Don in Sanary-sur-mer in september 2017.