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Uit+Thuis Videomagazijn


De Strip, Vlaardingen, 05/2002 – 05/2004

The Uit+Thuis Videomagazijn is a thematic public videolibrary and productionspace for site specific video. (Uit+Thuis means Home and Away) All video’s in the collection, and works produced in the framework of this project focuss on ‘roots and migration’.
The work was commisioned by the city of Vlaardingen and De Strip, a temporary cultural zone initiated by Jeanne van Heeswijk, and existed during two years. The Uit+Thuis Videomagazijn website is still online and contains lists with all video’s that were shown, and the projects which were caried out.

A sub project of the Videomagazijn was the World Wide Westwijk streaming sessions. See a description of that in Dutch here.