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Xavan + Jaluka

Friday 17 Frifek of the year Zek, a neutrondemolisher reduces the Grand Zone of Zendium to little more then a pudding shake, with dramatic consequences for lovers Xavan and Jaluka.

This comic by Pléoter Spilliaestenberg remixes the work of Belgian painter Léon Spilliaert.

Seventy years after the death of an author or artist, copyrights do no longer apply to his / her work. Public Domain Day celebrates yearly the fact that new works are entering the Public Domain. On this occasion Constant presents every year a public domain remix in the series Death of the authors.

Léon Spilliaert lived and worked in Oostende in the beginning of the 20th century. His symbolist work is lyrical, sombre and poetic. He passed away in 1946. His work is no longer protected by copyright and can be re-apropriated, modified and published.
If you look for Spilliaert in Wikimedia Commons, you will find most of the original images by Spilliaert the were used to make this comic.

The strip is a love story in a science-fiction set in the region of Zendium which is in a short but intense conflict with neighboring region Qualaria. Spilliaert wakes up in a fictive future.

Download PDF here (Dutch and French):