Identifination remix

A sound-collage with material from the database of Parlez-vous Saint-Gilllois?. Which words do we use to refer to our nations of origins, how do we mention, speak the term for regions, territories, groups that we identify with ? and how do we apply descriptions of others ?. Drifting between warm and affectionately spoken denominators for friends and family to ethnic generalisations, sometimes using the same words but in different intonations this remix crosses voices from the depths of the Brussels ‘low Saint-Gilles’ neighborhood ‘Bosnia’.
This work was made during a residency at QO2 in april 2016

Schaarbeekse Taal


Neighbourhood project and audio data-base, Schaarbeek, BE, 2009 – 2012

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The project ‘Language of Schaerbeek’ collects words that are used by different groups of people living around the ‘Cage of the bears’ as Place Verboeckhoven is commonly known. Arab, Turkish, Dutch, Brussels, Swahili, Spanish, Polish are just a few of the languages that accompany the main language French. The dictionary is an open for change, flexible and organically growing collection of recordings of spoken words.

Language of Schaerbeek remix

A collage of sound files from the database of the project La Langue Schaerbeekoise.
First broadcast on Radio Panik, Brussels, 20-10-2011



Peter Westenberg and Martijn Tellinga; 60 minutes, 7 tracks, dutch spoken, 2009

A narrated audiowalk about migration, networks, roots, relations and culture, situated in the quarter Osdorp in Amsterdam. While walking with a map and a mp3 player, the walker listens to a story told from the perspective of several local and exotic plants. Point of departure is garden ‘De Wiedijk’ a green oases in this residential area.


Wandelen met Krispijn


Walking with Crispin,
2005, Commissioned by Center for Visual Arts Dordrecht, in collaboration with Wapke Feenstra.

Three adventurous nightly walks along special places in the neighborhood Krispijn in Dordrecht, Netherlands.
We will all die, The stage for many comedies and A holy shoemaker with an afro disclose hidden histories, myths and fictions around the different significations of the notion Krispijn.


28 attempts to record a car alarm imitating mockingbird


Audio CD / 40 minutes / 2001 / stereo / no dialogue

The tracks on this audio cd contain 28 attempts to record a bird in my garden singing a compilation of the most popular car alarmsounds in the neighbourhood; a sonic hide and seek between nature and machine. The was first made public as part of the installation Side Walk.

Extra Vocaal


Rotterdam, 2000, Audio CD + installation / 18 minutes / 2000 / stereo / no dialogue

From an interview with Freddie Mercury all spoken words are erased, leaving only the accidental and non-intentional sounds which Mercury makes. Intensely mute and non-verbally communicative.

Naar de weg vragen


Asking for directions

Den Haag, 2000, audio cassette installation, 45 minutes, dutch spoken.

This work was made by asking for directions to the gallery where it was shown. The often contradictory instructions take you on a derive through the center of The Hague.