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Constant Worksessions

I regularly contribute to organising Worksessions in the context of Constant. They are intensive transdisciplinary situations to which participants from all over the world contribute. Every six months Constant opens such a temporary research lab; a collective working environment where different types of expertise come into contact with each other. During work sessions we develop ideas and prototypes that in the long-term lead to publications, projects and new proposals.

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Study, Practice and Proximate Critique

The article Constant Study, Practice and Proximate Critique that Élodie Mugrefya and Peter Westenberg wrote for MARCH, journal of art & strategy briefly collects some thoughts to relate the work of Constant to publishing as an act of: tool thinking, generating publicness, being together, intervening in realities, bringing into existence and doing with protocols.

“For Constant, publishing as a practice holds the potential to generate opportunities for opening up and revealing hidden structures and, beyond that, to incite interaction and change. We see recursive publishing, which comes with the explicit invitation to rewrite and republish, as generative work.”

This article is the first of six that MARCH invited Constant to publish in the context of the journal’s first long term inquiry Publishing As Protocol.
Find all six articles here:


This publication aims to create openings and inspire new concepts for work yet to be developed. As a vessel it is filled with hybrid content that can be unpacked and remixed. Inside this book, contributions of some participants from the past and Iterators from the future coincide in a joint effort to transport ideas to persons and contexts that are yet unknown to us. As such this publication could be read as an Iteration in itself.
The contributions are related to approaches, attitudes, positions that emerged from the Iterations project. Manetta Berends & Jara Rocha created a set of descriptions of common threads that were called ‘handles’, and invited each contributor to respond to one of them. During the ‘editorial sprint’ to process the material, scores were produced that allowed for a transversal reading of the contributions. This practice was named ‘x-dexing’.

Published by: Constant, Hangar, esc


The Iterations research project is initiated by four organisations who have a clear affinity with open approaches towards art, technology and society, and who feel a shared necessity to research the conditions in which artists who use technology work. Iterations consisted of a series of artist residencies, exhibitions, reflection meetings and exchanges that took place between 2017 and 2020. Artists and cultural practitioners were welcomed in situations to experiment with and reflect on what the future of collectivity, sharing and working together in digital and networked contexts can look like.

Xavan + Jaluka

Friday 17 Frifek of the year Zek, a neutrondemolisher reduces the Grand Zone of Zendium to little more then a pudding shake, with dramatic consequences for lovers Xavan and Jaluka.

This comic by Pléoter Spilliaestenberg remixes the work of Belgian painter Léon Spilliaert.

Seventy years after the death of an author or artist, copyrights do no longer apply to his / her work. Public Domain Day celebrates yearly the fact that new works are entering the Public Domain. On this occasion Constant presents every year a public domain remix in the series Death of the authors.

Léon Spilliaert lived and worked in Oostende in the beginning of the 20th century. His symbolist work is lyrical, sombre and poetic. He passed away in 1946. His work is no longer protected by copyright and can be re-apropriated, modified and published.
If you look for Spilliaert in Wikimedia Commons, you will find most of the original images by Spilliaert the were used to make this comic.

The strip is a love story in a science-fiction set in the region of Zendium which is in a short but intense conflict with neighboring region Qualaria. Spilliaert wakes up in a fictive future.

Download PDF here (Dutch and French):

Cinelerra Manual


I contributed to the writing of this french manual for the open source video editing software Cinelerra. The manual is a good way to start to get to know the tool, it contains a section on features and examples.
Get your printed copy, or download a pdf from the website of FlossManuals FR:

Parlez-Vous Saint-Gillois ?


Do you speak Saint-Gilles? is an audio neighborhood project in around the street Rue de Bosnie, in the neighborhood Saint-Gilles in Brussels, commissioned by the Region of Brussels.

Schaarbeekse Taal


Neighbourhood project and audio data-base, Schaarbeek, BE, 2009 – 2012

Go to project website of la Langue Schaerbeekoise

The project ‘Language of Schaerbeek’ collects words that are used by different groups of people living around the ‘Cage of the bears’ as Place Verboeckhoven is commonly known. Arab, Turkish, Dutch, Brussels, Swahili, Spanish, Polish are just a few of the languages that accompany the main language French. The dictionary is an open for change, flexible and organically growing collection of recordings of spoken words.

Escuela 404 – Schaarbeekse Taal

9/4/2013 Escuela 404 – Intermediae – Matadoiro de Madriz

A presentation together with An Mertens about the urban language project Langue Schaerbeekoise / Schaarbeekse Taal on invitation of the Euraca seminar in Intermediae, Matadoro in Madrid.

Open Source Video


Open Source Video is a loosely connected group videomakers around the association Constant, who are interested in making video with the use of open source tools for video. I regularly contribute to the Osvideo blog. The blog collects tips, links, films and videos published under open content licenses and other things.

Drapeau uni-communautaire Vlag


Production: PleinOPENair and Constant, Brussels, 2004

The logo hybridises lion and rooster, icons of the Dutch- and French speaking communities in Belgium. The flag was made as a hommage to the inter-communal city of Brussels; a city where cultures meet, swap, join and evolve.