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Constant Worksessions

I regularly contribute to organising Worksessions in the context of Constant. They are intensive transdisciplinary situations to which participants from all over the world contribute. Every six months Constant opens such a temporary research lab; a collective working environment where different types of expertise come into contact with each other. During work sessions we develop ideas and prototypes that in the long-term lead to publications, projects and new proposals.

fuzzy image showing blurred contours of people at work


The Iterations research project is initiated by four organisations who have a clear affinity with open approaches towards art, technology and society, and who feel a shared necessity to research the conditions in which artists who use technology work. Iterations consisted of a series of artist residencies, exhibitions, reflection meetings and exchanges that took place between 2017 and 2020. Artists and cultural practitioners were welcomed in situations to experiment with and reflect on what the future of collectivity, sharing and working together in digital and networked contexts can look like.

Parlez-Vous Saint-Gillois ?


Do you speak Saint-Gilles? is an audio neighborhood project in around the street Rue de Bosnie, in the neighborhood Saint-Gilles in Brussels, commissioned by the Region of Brussels.

Schaarbeekse Taal


Neighbourhood project and audio data-base, Schaarbeek, BE, 2009 – 2012

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The project ‘Language of Schaerbeek’ collects words that are used by different groups of people living around the ‘Cage of the bears’ as Place Verboeckhoven is commonly known. Arab, Turkish, Dutch, Brussels, Swahili, Spanish, Polish are just a few of the languages that accompany the main language French. The dictionary is an open for change, flexible and organically growing collection of recordings of spoken words.

ArtEZ Graduation Exhibition

Curation of the graduation show of the Fine arts department of ArtEZ Arrnhem school of arts 2009. With works by: Niek Audenaerd, Viktor Baltus, Jeannoux van Deijck, Mirka Farabegoli, Dieuwe Geurts, Jen Harkness, Witte van Hulzen, Jorieke Kroeze, Clemence Lamiaux, Carolien van der Meer, Jeroen Rijnders, Daniela Schwabe, Lieke Starmans, Roos van der Vliet, Rebecca Wassermann, Marcel Blom, Brechtje Horsten, Yette Rohde-Hassell.


Wandelen met Krispijn


Walking with Crispin,
2005, Commissioned by Center for Visual Arts Dordrecht, in collaboration with Wapke Feenstra.

Three adventurous nightly walks along special places in the neighborhood Krispijn in Dordrecht, Netherlands.
We will all die, The stage for many comedies and A holy shoemaker with an afro disclose hidden histories, myths and fictions around the different significations of the notion Krispijn.


Taalpolitie / The Language Police


Contribution to groupshow:
Satelite of love, Witte de With, 2006
, and workshop collaboration with Grafisch Lyceum, Rotterdam

The Language Police is a project conceived by Peter Westenberg for Satellite of Love. The format is a vlog (video weblog) about the word “allochtoon” (used in Dutch to mean “non-Dutch”). In this weblog, videos are collected and annotated ? provided with commentary, background information and context.



Five projections on the window of an apartment, Brussels, 28/04/2005 – 18/06/2005
with Femke Snelting

The square surface of an apartment window at the corner of Papenvest and the Dansaertstreet in Brussels was temporarily transformed into a projection screen. Every two weeks between April 28 and June 18 2005 we screened films, animations, videos and digital works, connecting our living room window to the movement of the city.

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Uit+Thuis Videomagazijn


De Strip, Vlaardingen, 05/2002 – 05/2004

The Uit+Thuis Videomagazijn is a thematic public videolibrary and productionspace for site specific video. (Uit+Thuis means Home and Away) All video’s in the collection, and works produced in the framework of this project focuss on ‘roots and migration’.

Madam I’m adam, The organisation of private life

klaar amel

Piet Zwart Institute, Rotterdam + KunstUniversität, Linz, 2001 / 2002

A research project with fine art students of the Piet Zwart Institute and the Kunstuniversität Linz, department Experimentelle Gestaltung. (more…)

TENT video programs


Video programs organised for the Rotterdam center for contemporary art TENT.



with Christine Saalfeld, Werkstattstudio, Lothringer 13, München, 19/09/2002

A video program that gives an overview of contemporary dutch video art. TREMOR is also the thematic framework for a reflection on artistic positions within an unstable social and political situation.


with Anne Bruggenkamp, Piet Zwart Institute, 2000 / 2001

“The Hygiene project examined the relationship between private and public spaces from the point of view of cleanliness. Do social hygienic standards determine the way people relate to each other? Making contact, socialising, being infected, purification: these terms were also interpreted as metaphors for the position of the artist in society. Do we develop artistic ideas isolated from society, or are we willing to be influenced by environmental circumstances?

Stop!, look left, look right and go across

stop1 stop2

Quartair, Den Haag, 1999

A group exhibition with ten artists whose works investigate ways of looking, representation, appearance and the construction of public space.