This wiki explains a specific type of perfora-lithic anti-capitalist practice. The Capitalithothèque is a collection of stones which are sourced from capital-buildings. It contains descriptions of the stones, the method of harvesting and the buildings from which the Capitalithos were sourced..
By bringing together texts and images of this example, this wiki is also an invitation to continue the work and put into practice copy-pastes, versions, variations in different situations, places and circumstances.

Urban(e)(istiques) Anomalie(ën)(s) Bru(x)(ss)el(le)(s)


DIY style reparations, language corrections and oddities, representations of persons and bodies, temporary structures and temporary solutions.

Urban Anomalies is a photo-blog in which urban scene’s and sights in Brussels are collected. The blog has an emphasis on small, daily phenomena that can quickly be overlooked but are emblematic as symptoms of the social political functioning of the city.

Parlez-Vous Saint-Gillois ?


Do you speak Saint-Gilles? is an audio neighborhood project in around the street Rue de Bosnie, in the neighborhood Saint-Gilles in Brussels, commissioned by the Region of Brussels.

Schaarbeekse Taal


Neighbourhood project and audio data-base, Schaarbeek, BE, 2009 – 2012

Go to project website of la Langue Schaerbeekoise

The project ‘Language of Schaerbeek’ collects words that are used by different groups of people living around the ‘Cage of the bears’ as Place Verboeckhoven is commonly known. Arab, Turkish, Dutch, Brussels, Swahili, Spanish, Polish are just a few of the languages that accompany the main language French. The dictionary is an open for change, flexible and organically growing collection of recordings of spoken words.

Open Source Video


Open Source Video is a loosely connected group videomakers around the association Constant, who are interested in making video with the use of open source tools for video. I regularly contribute to the Osvideo blog. The blog collects tips, links, films and videos published under open content licenses and other things.
(more…) was a website about the square in Rotterdam where I used to live around the year 2000. The website contains observations, media clips, short video’s from in and around my apartment, and many pictures of the place.

Routes + Routines

Routes + Routines is my sketch weblog that serves mainly to collect thoughts, pictures, clippings on the relation between the way cities are conceived and built and how they are used in daily life.

Also, but I have to admit not too frequently, this is where I post ideas for installations and documentation of performances that in a more finished form could, and sometimes do, end up on this site.