This video is a scripted collage of randomized fragments of video (converted from super 8 film) and phrases from the poem as subtitles. This is a screen grab of 4 minutes, but the script runs continuous.


A construction crane being built up, seen from the 25th floor of the World Trade Center in Brussels.

Demon On/Off

Demon On/off is a temporary installation in public space that was installed on the Sainctelette bridge, between Brussels center and Molenbeek. It re-appropriates a technical glitch in the lighting of the sculptural features of the bridge and was visible every night between july 2014 and november 2015. Since then, timing has become irregular. You might see it, you might not, don’t count on it.



Scripted video, 7 mins., 2013

Delhaize is a short scripted video about me going to the supermarket while being very hungry. I equiped myself with small key-chain camera’s, that filmed from the perspective of my hands, feet, my bicycle pedals ..


The video STARE consists entirely of footage that was captured from wireless surveillance camera’s in Brussels. Made in 2010, in collaboration with the Human Rights League (LDH)

Barca high speed

Super 8, Black and white stop motion, 2008

One of those things you do while in a city when you have a Canon 1014 xls super 8 camera: you use its great interval options. This basically is a series of photographs mixed with moving images and time lapse fragments.

Rooms Roles Rules

3 channel video installation, 3 x 12 m, 2007

Rooms Roles Rules is a collaborative film made with students and tutors from the International School the Hague, and was commissioned by arts center Stroom, Den Haag. During several weeks, students worked together in understanding the social and built constructions that they are part of. The school was moving house when we shot the film. Along with the rooms, also the rules, roles and routines are moving.


Lemons Fall

Super 8 / 2.30 minutes / colour / stereo / no dialogue / 2005

Siesta time. A dog barking. Deserted modernist outskirts of Mallorcan city Andratx. Asphalt roads steam under a scorching sun. A man walks down the pavement carrying bags with lemons.

City Apt Mom

16 mm / 4.30 minutes / B+W / stereo / no dialogue / production: de Filmwerkplaats / 2003

A women enclosed in her apartment, coming to terms with her place in the world. Experimental narrative incorporating notions of silent film, repetitive acts of housekeeping and grey city skies.


DV / 1 minute / 2001 / stereo / no dialogue

A nervous visual trip through my apartment. Personal images meet members of the IKEA family.

Privateers of death

Betacam / 4 minutes / 2001 / stereo / English spoken

A found footage film glueing together the global rhetoric CNN video report Desert Storm; the victory and scene’s from a german 8mm print of seventies pirate movie Freibeuter des Todes. Starring George Bush senior, Michael Caine, Peter Arnett and Sadam Hussein.


May Way

DV/ 16 minutes / 2001 / stereo / Dutch spoken

A road movie full of nostalgia and desire. The voice over reads excerpts from travel reports that my grandfather wrote in the seventies. The photo’s in the film were taken by my father between 1963 and 1997. He used to show them to the family as slideshows, a performative memory game of sequence recognition and retelling the story of the places and circumstances that the images depict. This selection was digitised by filming a projection: they are not stills, but moving images; aged and rimpled, scratched, and degraded by being used over a long period of time.


Bij ons in de Familie / Family affairs

DV / 35 minutes / 2002 / stereo / dutch spoken, in collaboration with Kirsten Leenaars

In this documentary neighbours living in the same flat building in the city of Vlaardingen, Holland, show their photo albums, talk about pictures of their family members, and how they ended up living in Vlaardingen.

I am the director

DV / 18 minutes / 2001 / stereo / english spoken

Short talking head documentary featuring a Vietnam veteran who’s personal history mix with iconic American historic moments. A disturbed narrative mixing fiction, facts, convictions, paranoia, the death of young rockstars and conspiracy theories.


Ga in / Go in

Hi8 / 14 minutes / 2000 / stereo / no dialogue

Video portrait of the Marconiplein square in Rotterdam, shot from the single view point of an apartment, juxtaposing indoor private and outdoor public scenes.