This wiki explains a specific type of perfora-lithic anti-capitalist practice. The Capitalithothèque is a collection of stones which are sourced from capital-buildings. It contains descriptions of the stones, the method of harvesting and the buildings from which the Capitalithos were sourced..
By bringing together texts and images of this example, this wiki is also an invitation to continue the work and put into practice copy-pastes, versions, variations in different situations, places and circumstances.

Routes + Routines counter surveillance

April 2011, Recyclart, Brussels

This was a walk in which participants experiment with low-key shields against being watched by surveillance camera’s. Starting at Recyclart in Brussels, we visited some nearby relevant locations; where camera signals could be captured, where we could play in view of installed camera’s.

Sleetse Feesten

June 6, 2010. Point of departure: the Tilburg Pius harbour, destination Wilhelmina bridge.

On board of this boat ride some prominent Tilburg party people who talked about new party routines, such as the ‘new years dive’, and how feasts and traditions change over time. With: Paul Spapens (author), Miranda Poel (artist), Sjef Huggers (Motorclub ‘t Motorrijerke), Ton Vialle (stichting Kermis-cultuur), Corné Snels (Hardy hairdresser)

This event was organised in the framework of the project Huis Boom Feest by Wapke Feenstra.

Walk under video surveillance

Ballade sous video surveillance, 27-02-2010

Several walks organised in collaboration with Constant and the Human Rights League (LDH) in Brussels in 2010. The walks allowed a peak inside private spaces, apartments, bars, by capturing images from unsecured wireless surveillance camera’s. Julien Pieret, lawyer and publicist walked with us and contextualised our actions by explaining relating articles from the Belgian ‘surveillance camera law’.



Peter Westenberg and Martijn Tellinga; 60 minutes, 7 tracks, dutch spoken, 2009

A narrated audiowalk about migration, networks, roots, relations and culture, situated in the quarter Osdorp in Amsterdam. While walking with a map and a mp3 player, the walker listens to a story told from the perspective of several local and exotic plants. Point of departure is garden ‘De Wiedijk’ a green oases in this residential area.


Balearic Routes + Routines


with Wendy Van Wynsberghe, Performative walk, Ping festival, Spain, 2008,

Balearic Routes + Routines proposed group walks through the commercial heart of Palma de Majorca. Wearing shoes that were equiped with sensors, wireless camera’s, and other detection devices walkers explored privately owned radio signals, public magnetic fields, commercial area’s while sniffing for wifi video signals and captured data from unusual viewpoints.

Routes + Routines Brussels

Series of performative walks, 2006, Brussels, produced by Constant

Visit the projects website for full documentation

The project Routes + Routines takes place in residential areas in Brussels. Through interventions, actions and presentations in public space, the project creates dialogs with the day-to-day reality of the street corner, roundabout or zebra-crossing. R + R looks at the relation between technology, geography, urban representation and visual imagination and investigates the city from inside out.

Wandelen met Krispijn


Walking with Crispin,
2005, Commissioned by Center for Visual Arts Dordrecht, in collaboration with Wapke Feenstra.

Three adventurous nightly walks along special places in the neighborhood Krispijn in Dordrecht, Netherlands.
We will all die, The stage for many comedies and A holy shoemaker with an afro disclose hidden histories, myths and fictions around the different significations of the notion Krispijn.