program description
Urban Positioning System
with Rob Hamelijnck and Eddy Keijzer, 19/09/2002

You follow their moves, you analyse their behaviour, you film them.The camera registers your gaze, your viewpoint and your fascinations

Ed van der Elsken - Een fotograaf filmt Amsterdam (fragment)
Wim Wenders - Tokyo Ga (fragment)
Christopher Nolan - Following (fragment)
Jean Rouch - Gare du Nord (fragment)
Louis Bunuel - La fantome de la liberté (fragment)
Inge Hoonte en Pieter Wackers - L.E. Meyer
Alex van Mechelen - Burenruzie
Korneel Jeuken - A blue screening
Andre Schreuders - Bij vlagen

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family affairs
in collaboration with Piet Zwart Institute, 21/02/2002

Hippies, bloodrelatives, unfamiliar people and alter-ego's meet in a
program which questions the family as the predominant structure for our private lives.

Iratxe Jaio - Tumulto
Iratxe Jaio - Old song
Kirsten Leenaars - Broertje
Racke & Muskens - The tower
Emanuelle Antille - Night for day
Sophie Call - Double blind

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city game

Film makers from Los Angeles portray the city as a festive and challenging realm of self investigation and social experience

Juan Carlos Alom - Habana solo
Gustavo Artigas - the domino effect
Type A - Urban contests
Joe Sola - Travelogue for 1999
Kerry Tribe - Double

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puur en zuiver

Participants of the Piet Zwart Institute produced short films in which Hygiene is pitched and researched as a social perimeter.

Kirsten Leenaars - Cordon Sanitaire
Natasja van Kampen - Headphones
Antonis Pitas - When mouth meets hole
Korneel Jeuken - Grande Messe des Morts, deel 1,2,3
Fiona Weir - Relax with nature
Rona Mathlener - Skin deep
Christine Saalfeld - Grossvaterbuch
Korneel Jeuken - Grande Messe des Morts, deel 4

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with Martijn Verhoeven

A program about the ambiguous relationship between human beings and mother earth. Films about solitude, grotesque posures and postmodern architecture.

Bas Jan Ader - Fall 1&2
Istvan Kantor - Jericho
Andrew Stones - The animals on the island
Jeroen Kooijmans - Pilot
Ben Schot - Edge

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I am the other
with Martijn Verhoeven

A visual journey through notions of integrated otherness investigating adaptable identities, manageable societies and changeable personalities.

Peter Campus - Three transitions
Joan Jonas - Leftside rightside
Peter Stel - Look at me
Nelson Hendricks - Crush
Boris Gerrets - Invisible
Emanuelle Antille - Wouldn't it be nice

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senseless violence
with Martijn Verhoeven

A non critical, highly agressive video program fueled with streetviolence, stardom, drug abuse and media overkill.

Anders Thoren - His masters voice
Carlos Amorales - Solitario
Peter Bogers - Video Violence
Marcello Mercado - The warm place

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making public
with Martijn Verhoeven

Strategies against human reproduction, secrets for burgling houses and classified surveillance images are brought into the open.

Gregory Green - For information purposes only
Wim Gijzen - Serie vergissingen
Carsten Höller - Jenny
Bart Dijkman - Observation # 762
Johan Grimonprez - Kobarweng, or where is your helicopter
Michael Klier - Der Riese

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space clash
with Martijn Verhoeven

Privacy, curiosity and self doubt casted in an intimite visual survey of the spaces that surround us.

David Haines - Stalking Mr. Holding
Sean Evans - Home is where the heart is
Polly Gould - The story of one woman's struggle with her fear of architecture
Nox - Soft city
Alicia Framis - Interior Landscapes
Alex van Mechelen - Burenruzie
Vito Acconci - Full Circle

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