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single channel film and video shorts
Lemons Fall
Super 8 / 2.30 minutes / colour / stereo / no dialogue / 2005
A detour through a deserted part of the city of Andratx, Mallorca, where an exhausted man walks with bags of lemons.
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City apt mom
16 mm / 4.30 minutes / B+W / stereo / no dialogue / production: de Filmwerkplaats / 2003
Experimental narrative about fear for change and attempts to come to terms with the outside world, incorporating sentimental notions of early silent film, repetitive acts of housekeeping and grey city skies.
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I am the director
DV / 18 minutes / 2001 / stereo / english spoken
Anecdotes told by Rockstar and Vietnam Veteran Ralph Graham. His personal history and iconic moments from America's past get mixed up in a story featuring fiction, facts, believe, rockstars, paranoia, amnesia and the CIA.
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Family affairs
DV / 35 minutes / 2002 / stereo / dutch spoken
This documentary made in cooperation with Kirsten Leenaars, investigates photographic family representation by browsing through family albums with different families who live in the same flatbuilding.
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May way
DV/ 16 minutes / 2001 / stereo / no dialogue
A travel movie full of desire, nostalgia and sublime landscapes. Based on a travel report written in 1972 by my grandfather and illustrated by slides my father made between 1963 and 1997.
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Privateers of death
Betacam / 4 minutes / 2001 / stereo / english spoken
A found footage film glueing together the global rhetoric CNN video report Desert Storm; the victory and a seventies pirate movie. Starring George Bush, Michael Caine, Peter Arnett and Sadam Hussein.
DV / 1 minute / 2001 / stereo / no dialogue
A nervous visual trip through my appartment in which members of the IKEA family meet speedy distorted Iggy Pop tunes.

Go in
Hi8 / 14 minutes / 2000 / stereo / no dialogue
Portrait of Marconiplein; a busy traffic jonction in Rotterdam, juxtaposing indoor privacy with public outdoor scenes.
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